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Ambient, video stills

Ambient (video excerpt) sound, Fugacité by Anton Lambert & ¿mon3y

Presented as an audio-visual installation, Ambient, features a film by Evi Olde Rikkert and an ambient sound piece by musicians Anton Lambert & ¿mon3y.

shown at FridayNITE, Groningen (NL) 2020 curated by Joppe Venema/Vaneen Label, find the digital album here

The installation brings together two approaches relating to the notion of the ambient. The film follows the fictional “view” of a shellfish, a common inhabitant of the nearby Wadden Sea, and is an attempt of getting over our limited sensorial sphere using a combination of imagination, science & technological tools to enter other possible Ambient’s or Umwelt’s.

The film questions the privileged sense of seeing and is based on Jakob von Uexküll’s theorising of perceptual tools of ticks, amoebae, jellyfish and sea urchins. He formulates how the sensory apparatus of a “subject” enables its range of action and delimits his/her/its environment. This is not only a biological perimeter, it’s an Um-welt, a world, a metaphysical space of relation. According to Von Uexkull the universe “consists not of a single soap bubble that we have blown up beyond our horizon into the infinite, but of countless millions of narrowly bounded soap bubbles that overlap and intersect everywhere”. The passage of information he calls transcodification and its components, natural data, are like melodies in counterpoint, just like Anton Lambert & ¿mon3y's sound bubbles sparkling up to the surface.